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Welcome to Indian Desi Cows (SKG Groups)

In a way this concept is first-of-its-kind near Mumbai, where the young calves drink the half of milk (Sanskrit word for milking is – Dohan, Means only half of cow’s milk can be taken for human consumption, half is reserved for calf !).

The cows stay on the farm even when they grow old. They are all loved with care and dignity as members of our one big Kesariya farm family.

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  • Naturally Sweet

    Experience the original flavor and texture of fresh cow milk.

  • Keeps Healthy

    Our cow milk is rich in minerals and vitamins than conventional milk available in the market.

  • Always Fresh

    Milk is delivered directly from our dairy farm within few hours of milking for freshness and quality.

Why choose us

  • Natural

    Our Himachal Desi Cow Milk is naturally produced without use of growth hormone injections or antibiotics. Our cows are fed with natural fodder and cattle feed wihtout chemical or animal ingredients.

  • Fresh

    Desi Cow Milk is chilled as quick as possible to maintain freshness and avoid bacterial growth.

  • Hygenic

    Our Himachal Desi Cow Milk is carefully produced and packed with great hygiene.

Indian Desi Cows (IDC)

All thats good, nothing thats not.

More than 95% of milk produced in India are regular milk from Jersey and HF cows cross bred with Indian cows or Baffallows. Because these cows give more milk than pure Indian breed cows, Indian cows pretty much extinct. However, recently there has been much interest in Indian breed cow milk due to the fact that it has A2 type protein. Researchers find that A2 protein present in desi cow milk is good for brain development. As far as Vrindavan Milk is concerned both regular milk and desi cow milk are naturally produced without use of any growth hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals.

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